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was a company that provided the best autograph certification there was. The reason that the certification was so flawless is that I personally got all the autographs myself. As being the owner of the company I only authenticated the autographs I got in person and nothing else, so there was no room for error. Everything that comes with an IE Authentics certification is 100% without any doubt authentic. I can tell you where and how I got every single autograph.


Proceeds from every autograph sell also went to help charities and foundations, we were not in this business to make money but to help people. We helped people by providing a great place to purchase real authentic autographed merchandise and not worry about the authenticity of the signature. We helped celebrities raise money for their favorite charities by asking them "where they would like the proceeds sent". We helped many charities and raised a lot of money for different causes.

Even though we are out of business, I wanted to still have this website up to provide authentication and credibility to our certifications.

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